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Ammunition Manufacturing

MARUSS Sdn Bhd manufactures shotgun cartridges and small arms ammunition for the domestic market, namely the Malaysian Armed Forces, Security agencies and the Private Sector. We are currently in the process of building our new ammunition plant in Selangor, Malaysia, in order to cater to strong market demand, both locally as well as across MENA and ASEAN. 

Shotgun Cartridge Manufacturing - Our initial offering will be for specific standard calibers that include 12 gauge 4, 5, 6 & OOB shotgun cartridges

Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing - Our initial offering will be for specific standard calibers that include the 9x19mm, 5.56x45mm, 7.62x51mm and 7.62x39mm ammunition. 

Weapon Customisation

As part of our weapons customisation services MSB will work closely with the client to conduct a complete weapons status discovery, after which MSB will generate a complete upgrade solution to the client. The upgrade solutions for existing weapons will include the latest attachments and accessories, to match the client’s needs. Currently we see a  great potential in the weapons customisation business across the Southeast Asian region, which represents a significant opportunity for MSB.

Weapons Manufacturing

MSB is currently in the final decision stage with a select number of well-known technology providers to complete its objective to manufacture small arms in Malaysia. The end product will be recognised as a Malaysian made product. The proposed plant will be located adjacent to the new ammunition plant.

Defense Procurement

MARUSS’ current senior staff have proven their expertise with over 100 combined years in the industry and they have earned both the trust and recognition from an extensive global network of world-class defence related suppliers. This hard earned trust will allow MARUSS to actively pursue active defence related tenders of interest. 


MARUSS currently holds twelve (18) MoF licences that enable s both trading and procurement of a broad spectrum of defence-related products.

MARUSS abides by all international standards of Arms Embargoes and Trade Sanctions (UN and EU) and by SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute).

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Weapon Customisaton
Weapons Manfacturing
Defence Procurement
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